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The polyscientech INC. is
specialized company which produce advanced materials and first management subject as safety, health, environment.
We make an effort for research and development of advanced materials about safety, health, environment as basis successful technique for development of Non-PVC polyolefin film for IV bag and tube first in Korea, second in World.
In Korea, firstly, at the 2013 years, success to development of "Non-PVC polyolefin IV set" that doesn't eloute environmetal hormone and doesn't adsorb to drug, sell in now and acquire for certification of green technology from ministry of environment of Korea.
In addition, in the world, firstly, success to development of "non toxic high flame retardancy Non-PVC polyurethane materials and composite fiber used it" and sell in now. it can apply for interior materials as flooring, wallpaper, blind, curten since it is eco-friendly materials which flame retardancy is better than previous PVC composite fiber and doesn't have risk of gases and has excellent abrasion-resistance, antibiosis.
we become eco-friendly advanced materials specialized company
contributing for health and happiness of
people with business motto "enjoy for novelty".